Daily Range Fees

- $20.00 for first person on a lane
- $10.00 for each accompanying person on a lane
- $15.00 one time fee to rent all firearms (must use ammunition purchased from us during visit)

Kids under 18 shoot free, however must be at least age 8 and accompanied by a legitimate legal guardian (not all family members are legal guardians.)

Each person shooting will always be provided with one free target as well as free eye and ear protection.

No ammunition with steel content is allowed on the range. (Including but not limited to: Tula, Wolf, Bron Bear, e.t.c.)

Yearly Memberships



- Unlimited access to range during open hours
- 6 free guest passes
- 5 free gun rentals
- Free DROS ($25.00 value) on any new firearm purchased from us
- Ability to draw from holster (Restrictions apply; inquire for details)

$100.00 for additional members on same account (must reside at same address)