Our Classes

Tactical Skills Builder Tactical Skills Builder
* Drawing from a Holster
* Controlled from a Holster
* Low Light Shooting Techniques
* After Action Drills
* Speed Drills & Reloading Techniques
* Approximately 75 rounds needed

This class is a quick set of drills organized to help the shooter brush up on concepts and skills you have already been taught. Most shooters work on these things very little after receiving initial training, and the purpose of this class is to hone skills that often don't get enough practice.

We will shoot in completely dark situations, pushing the limits of speed for each individual shooter. Attendees must have previous class experience on drawing from a holster. Most of this one-hour class is in the range with a quick safety briefing in the classroom.

Tuition Price: $15 member / $20 non-member

Call us today for our next TACTICAL SKILLS class: (209) 575-GUNS (4867)

Introduction to Handgun Introduction To Handguns
* Basic Firearms Vocabulary
* Basics of Shooting
* Bullet Technology
* Body Posture
* Firearms Safety & Range Awareness

This class is designed for new shooters or those looking to work on the basics of shooting a handgun. During the classroom session we cover what each part of the gun is, what causes a bullet to go bang, and what each part of our body should be doing when shooting.

With no prerequisite, this class is 2.5-3 hours long, and is held in both the classroom and the range.

Each shooter will need approximately 50 rounds of ammunition
(rentals require ammunition to be purchased from CSS).

Tuition Price: $50

Call us today for our next INTRO TO HANDGUN class: (209) 575-GUNS (4867)
Handgun 2 Handgun 2 is a class that will help students take their shooting to the next level. This class does not introduce body movement while shooting, but does cover lots of advanced shooting techniques that will help all shooters. We will introduce trigger reset, support hand shooting, shooting with both eyes open, and several other shooting concepts. This class is a great follow up class to Introduction to Handgun, or good for the seasoned shooter looking to sharpen some fundamentals.
Holsters 101 Holsters 101 is a class designed to teach students how to safely draw a firearm from a holster and safely put it back in the holster. This class will discuss different types of holsters, as well as draw technique from each holster. Drawing a gun from a holster is a necessary skill for those who carry a firearm to protect themselves, and a skill that needs to be practiced in a safe manner. This class (or training from a reputable trainer) is mandatory for members who wish to use a holster while using our range.

Ladies Night Ladies Night with Madden from 95.1
* Safety meeting
* Keeping yourself safe tips
* One hour range time with multiple instructors
* Free gun rental (must buy our ammo)
* Free targets
* Light snacks will be served

Combat Pistol League Combat Pistol League
* Safety meeting with stage briefings
* 4 stages set up with multiple drills